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Thread: generic wii patcher isnt detecting error 002

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    generic wii patcher isnt detecting error 002

    hi there i hope yous can help i have a pal wii and i use homebrew to play iso back ups and every game ive got recently generic wii patcher isnt detecting the error 002 but when i burn it and put it in it says error 002 can someone please help me

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    you should try checking the loader that your using, they usually have a .002 fix in the settings. try that and report back.

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    i dont think its that i remove the error befor i burn but it but its not detectin gthe error in the first place to remove

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    some of the newer games have that problem where that program wont detect it. To be honest with you, to fix the problem, simply install ios38, 53, 55 and 56. Those ios' are what the newer games use. Once you have those installed, you dont need to use that program to remove the 002 error. Also to be extra safe (so you dont waste discs, you can go into the backup launcher (im hoping your using neogamma) and turn the anti 002 fix to yes.
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    forget patching iso's, its not needed.

    If you install cIOS38 rev 14 and neogamma r7/r8 you will have no 002 error problems.

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    some one did it for me not sure what i use how can i tell and how do i get these ios things


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