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    Ca Guitar Hero 5

    I am new to this so bare with me. I have softmodded my wii using neogamma 7 to run my backup games. I am on version 4.2 for the wii. I have installed ios 56.64v6146 wad. It says it installs ok. I then run multi cios and have installed ios37 as ios 37 as ios 232. It appears to install ok, finishes and reboots to the home screen. Whien i run softchip and try to use ios 232 it does not give me that option. How do i get ios 232 onto softchip so i can run this game. I have searched through the other threads and can not find an answer to this problem. Thanks for the help.

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    if it gives you the option of 222 try that, ive never used softchip before so i dont know if it'll work. just an idea.


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    Exactly the same problem... Installed that wad file, installing those ios.. then i run softchip but 232 isnt an option.. *stuck here* help would be appreciated

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    No 222 either, thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jolt View Post
    No 222 either, thanks for the help.
    looks like I found a solution, download and install anytitledeleter on your homebrew channel. Run it and select systemfiles, If you see a CIOS249.. deletete it.. and that should do the trick.

    I hope it works 4 u.. im now trying to get it tto work

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    Did that work for you?


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