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Thread: 1TB MyBook Essential Edition Question

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    1TB MyBook Essential Edition Question

    Is the 1TB western digital mybook able to rip games from the wii to that harddrive?

    Or will I always have to go from pc to usb(1TB western digital)?

    thanks for the help

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    As long as the drive is compatible it should work either way. It's useful being able to rip your own games to HDD direct from the Wii as it saves waiting for the isos to download.
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    I have been using the same 1TB WD Essentials Edition and it works great! I'm using USBLoader GX to rip games from Wii to HDD as well as playing off the hard drive. I would advise that you partition since I doubt that you will be ripping 1TB worth of games.

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    Hi guys am new here. I too burn my games to my hard drive from the wii. I was wondering will this be possible with the new super mario bros. Since my cousin is going to buy the actual game? Thanks in advance

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    I read the drive is compatible but can I actually partition the whole 1tb and still be able to rip games to it?

    I read on that compatibly list that you cant do that.

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    I was able to partition out 300gb for Wii games (which I think I over estimated) and the remainder as NTFS. So I am able to plug it to the wii and play games; and store a bunch of other stuff (pics, vids, music, etc) on there. Let me know if you need help setting this up.


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