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Thread: Question regarding preloader and updates from game disc

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    Ca Question regarding preloader and updates from game disc


    I hope someone can explain this.

    I understand the the following with preloader and softmodding my wii 4.1U.

    1)Preloader is a program that runs on top of the system menu and can help prevent updates from game disc, does this include non backup disc (ie. those loaded from the disc menu). When the preloader is set to autoboot to system menu does it actually boot into the real system menu, if so how does/can the preloader prevent disc updates?

    2)if I have non-back up game disc (bought games) and have softmodded my Wii, which channel is best suited to play these games from? The Disc Channel or Neogamma R7, it works on both? Does it matter in this case?
    I want to make sure I don't get a brick wii from an accidental disc update.

    I hope someone can provide me with these answers.


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    well i hav a wii with 4.1 and i also run the preloader app and yes it can help prevent some bricks but for the most part if you do ever brick you can unbrick your wii by useing preloader so i would suggest that you DO install the preloader but remember that the IOS60-patched.wad MUST be installed befor you install the preloader app if you need any help with installing the preloader feel free to PM me any time im on this site 24 hours a day i love hacking and i love this site lol good luck

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