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Thread: Help noob question

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    Unhappy Help noob question

    Can you accept the wii agreement from the wii channel after installing homebrew channel only i forgot to do this when softmodding my wii...just wondering if it will perform an update and remove what ive done...just that i want the mii contest channel on but am unable to go on this channel as ive not accepted the wii user agreement ..any help much appreciated

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    poorly titled threads fm u, again !

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    i agree this should not have been a thread you could have just asked this in the shout box and if your asking if at the update screen if it will start a update then YES think befor you post lol as far as if it will remove stuff that you have installed then most likely
    yes any way it is NEVER recomended to update through nintendo thats why there are safe updater apps hope i helped


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