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Thread: SNES9x GX Error

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    SNES9x GX Error

    Hope someone can help!

    Can load the newest SNES9x gx emulator via HBC fine and can load ROMs direct from the SD card no problem. The problem comes from trying to run the app via a forwarder channel - it appears to load fine but I get the error "Unable to Locate Load Device" when the emulator starts. The connection to the wiimote then dies and I have to power off the wii with the power button.

    Anyone know what the error could mean?

    I've tried deleting the original settings.xml (from when it was loaded thru HBC) but still no luck. Minor inconvenience I know but its annoying me!


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    Any solution to this? I am having the same issue.

    EDIT: I'm thinking now we are using forwarders that are not looking on the SD card for the files (only the USB device). I just tried this one: and it loaded just fine.

    EDIT2: That doesn't really make sense. Now I am trying to load SNES9X from USB Loader GX and getting the same error. The USB device is not found, even though this works through HBC. I don't know what's happening, I'd guess a bug...
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    ah same issue, looks like there are 2 posts about this

    anyways, i've tried all the forwarders from that link you posted, the animated wad forwarders, they all do the same thing, can not load device, but usb/emu work if launched from hbc

    would be nice to get forwarders working to a usb device, it loads the emu, so it reads the drive and launches the emu, but once emu starts, it is what gives the unable to load device error, again i think i read that its because the forwaders doesn't load the settings.xml, or something like that, not sure where i read it though.

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