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Thread: D2CKey For Sale 35.00

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    D2CKey For Sale 35.00

    OK, I have 3 D2CKeys for sale. I also have 1 Flex pcb ribbon for sale. let me know if anyone is interested.

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    Why do you have 3 and why are they for sale? Have they been used? Fried um?

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    Funny you should ask, I had originally purchased 7 of these chips in December for people that wanted to have installed. I installed 4 of the seven, they took about 8 hours a piece to do. I decided to try the Flex PCB cable so I bought 3 of those to finish the job, I couldnt figure those out and ultimately destroyed 2 of those. so I ended up installing 3 Argon chips. they are in new condition, just too much work for me. I decided to offer these at a good deal instead of storing them.

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    Any pictures? PM sent!

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    wow...that's a lot of patience....

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    OK, I have sold 1 D2CKEY and the PCB Cable. I Still have 2 left let me know if anyone would like one.

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    Picture of Chip.

    For the person that requested a picture
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thanks for all of you that responded to my ad! I am happy to report that all 3 D2CKeys are sold. Thanks Again


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