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Thread: How to unbrick wii using Programmer

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    How to unbrick wii using Programmer

    Hello. Who can explain what i need to do to unbrick wii using Programmer.
    I can desolder NANDchip, and do full dump... as i understand i need full workable dump from another console and put from my bad dump to that good dump keys and flash that good dump in my console?.. Thx to all ...
    P.S.: sorry for poor english.

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    "full workable dump from another console " where comes it ?
    wish u could hv the pal, the usa and the jpn nand and key.....making ur Wii trilingu..
    u got a working wii and a veteran ?
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    can you answer without sleng coz i cant understand some words my wii is pal region...where to find key file in that "bad" dump?

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    have a look on wiibrew forums (sorry for the advertising) they seem to do a lot with reprogramming of Nand chip.

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    OK.Thx.If i will do unbrick with good result i will write here .


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