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Thread: Hermes 222/223 cIOS Install question.

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    Hermes 222/223 cIOS Install question.

    I recently learned to mod my Wii with the 4.2 guide here on the site, and after doing so a friend went out and bought a brand new Wii to have the same thing done to his. Well everything worked on mine, but on his when I install USB Loader GX and load the program from the channel it locks up. So I thought maybe I need the newest version of the Program so I get it and install and run it, and then after about a 5 count it says. "Error: cIOS could not be loaded." Then goes to a Stack Dump. So I looked for the correct cIOS I was supposed to use and found out the newest version of USB Loader GX Requires Hermes 222/223 cIOS. Downloaded the installer load the installer and pick IOS222 to install it on, and when I do it locks up. Anybody have that problem? I've searched and to no avail.

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    Install it on 249, you cant install 222 onto 222 if you don't have it. LOL

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    Isnt the Homebrew channel installed there? Cause the mod uses 249? Or is that a open spot?

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    It isn't an open spot, it is the IOS used to install and run homebrew, the installer is asking you which IOS to use to install 222 and 223.

    trust me, use 249 bud. install 222 and then run the installer again and install 223 (using 249 again for that install)

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    ok, i'll give it a shot

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    Darn i'm at my friends house and he doesnt have wifi So i dont know if its going to work LOL i looked on the site and i didnt see an offline option

    but i did get farther than last time

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    Nice, it worked! Thank you so much!
    PS Isn't usb loader gx supposed to go to a gui? Or something like that? Cause All it did was looking for usb drives then timed out and back to the channel page. I didn't have a usb drive in, i just thought it was posed to go to a gui.
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    No bud, if there is no USB drive it will just reset.


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