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Thread: usb gx family feud problem

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    usb gx family feud problem

    my wii is 4.0 I have hard mod- d2pro 9 rev 2 and I have soft mod with usb gx loader. I have a backup disc of family feud, and the disc works fine. I also have the iso on hard drive, and load through gx, and it does not work. The game will freeze at the disclaimer screen. I have loaded cios 38, 53, and 55. Any ideas?

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    No one? The same thing happens with guitar hero 5. Backup disc works, but not the ISO through gx.

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    I'm having this problem too >.<!!!

    Currently running 4.1u with IOS38, 53, 55, and 56 installed onto 249 still no luck on running this game
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    Family Feud

    I use GX USB Loader, and I had a problem with Family Feud 2010, the game work fine but there was a wide black line in the center of the screen. In the options I change from PAL to force NTSC and "voila" everything works fine

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    Backup loaders use cios, NOT IOS!
    You want to try loading the game using a different cios like 222, 223, 224, 249, or 250. You may not have all these cios installed. You can check by posting a system check


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