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Thread: Anyone play games online with their wii hacked safely?? 4.2u

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    Anyone play games online with their wii hacked safely?? 4.2u

    Just wanted to see if anyone can say for sure if this is safe/works.

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    not sure if this helps but i always play games online with my 3.4u softmod

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    The Nintendo WiFi service is very very stupid. It has no idea who is connecting with what hardware, only that a connection wants to be made.

    You can play safely online with your Wii (or DS) while running a modded console.

    Try this on Xbox Live and you'll be banned quickly. The 360 sends all kinds of check sums and disc / hardware information to the XBL servers. If check sum doesn't match, you're flagged. If check sums don't match consistently, you're gone. If a check sum matches a known bad disc, you're gone.

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    So that means I don't have to unmod my wii to buy Call of duty 4 Reflex and actually PLAY the game DISC online?

    Will the game disc itself prompt me to install an update which will brick my console.

    (What happened to me with the conduit was I had my wii with the homebrew channel, I bought (from a store) the game disc of The conduit, I put it in my system, it would not play unless I updated so I did and bamn, bricked wii with no solution. I tried every guide on here and nothing worked. Basically the wii gave a pure black screen with nothing else.)

    So I was afraid this would happen again.

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    well im pretty sure all newer games have "updates" on them

    if you could backup your game to your computer .iso format

    use a program to remove the update from the disc

    i use WDS tools

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    rondog (or anyone who may know) is there a guide on this site that tells you how to do this step by step?
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    not sure but you would have to have your game in iso format on your computer.
    (the only way of doing this is downloading a game or ripping a disc yourself and to rip the disc you need a special dvd drive on your computer and a wii game ripping program)

    then in "WDS tool" the program i use you open your iso disc image and you can click patch update and your disc image is now patched, from there you can burn it, or use usbloader and run it off a hdd

    good luck

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    Can you play online if you download an iso and run it off the harddrive with the homebrew channel...

    Does the homebrew channel have online capabilities?

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    yes to all


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