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Thread: Complications that could happen - What are the solutions?

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    Complications that could happen - What are the solutions?

    Well from my research on this site, youtube, and many other sites it seems a lot of people have the homebrew channel on their wii.

    I just followed the guide step by step and finished installing the homebrew on my 4.2u wii.

    I had a few problems doing it but at the end of the day it was silly mistakes on my part.

    Anyhow what I am wondering is all the complications that COULD happen. Different scenarios for example I will name a few that I do not know how I would deal with, and I also have some questions about the wii's normal features and ability to use them.

    Scenario #1 You decide to go out and buy a new wii game. You get your game and put it in your wii, it asks you to update (Which will cause your wii to brick- (I know from experience -_-, that will be a 75 dollar repair) How to deal with this issue? You just legally bought a game because you feel it is a game worth your money but you can't play it by putting the disc into your console, what do you do?

    Scenario #2 You wan't to update your wii channels, like the internet channel, or the Nintendo channel, how do you go about it and or does the mod affect it in any way?

    Scenario #3 You want to buy a game off the Wii shop channel, can you do it with the homebrew channel in place? Can you still buy wii points as normal?

    Scenario #4 You wan't to play a game which can use the Wii motion plus, Does the peripheral work out of the box on a mod wii or do we need to do something else for it to work as intended?

    Now I have a few general questions.

    #1 Is there a way / Guide to safely remove the homebrew channel if you want to for whatever reason?

    #2 Is there a guide that shows you how to turn your already owned games into ISO's and place them on the HDD?

    #3 Can you play games online multiplayer if they are running off your HDD ?(Example CoDWAW ISO running off an HDD)

    These are really all my questions about complications that I have read online happening or have happened to me at one point or another and that I am just wondering. I have actually looked for this information for myself and Have found some vague replies, I hope you guys can elaborate on some of the points made on similar questions from other threads.


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    To your questions:

    #1 Yes. You can use the HackMii installer with BannerBomb on an SD card. Once HackMii loads, you will be given a menu that will allow you to uninstall Homebrew.

    #2 Yes! Sort of. A guide? I don't know, but I know that both WiiFlow and USB Loader GX have the option to "Install" a game to your HDD attached to your wii. Simply insert the retail disc into the Wii, find your respective loaders Install option and let er rip (no pun intended). In a few minutes, you will have your iso on your HDD.

    #3 Maybe? I have read that you can and that some people have been doing it. I don't know if Nintendo servers are clever enough to recognize your playing off of a hard drive instead of a retail cd. I haven't tried it so don't quote me on this. I would research this some more.
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    I can answer mostly all your questions. Before system menu 4.2 came out, a nintendo update wouldnt brick your console. Now that nintendo has 4.2 out, a nintendo update to that version will brick your console if modded (and some times even if its not modded). A disc update wont brick your console though unless you run an out of region disc update. To prevent disc updates, you can install preloader. I am not sure if preloader works on 4.2 but I know it works on some other older firmwares. Youll have to check. If any of your channels no longer work (sends you back to the system menu), you can update them by using files that can be found on this site. That will update those channels only and nothing else. I know when system menu 4.1 came out, that had an updated shop channel in it. I couldnt get mine to work so I had to upgrade my shop channel, but I am still on 3.2. You can still buy games off the shop channel. Nothing changes there but just remember that you can get those games free by checking websites (might be able to get them here but not sure). Dealing with the motionplus, it works right out of the box. Once again the games that use that item will most likely have an update with the game, but remember what I said above. Really the only game that uses the motionplus that needs special treatment is wii sports resort. Theres plenty of threads on this site dealing with that game. Now onto your actual questions..... There is a way to remove anything you want to off your console. "anytitledeletor" will show you everysingle channel and ios thats on your console. You can also delete anything thats on your console. If you want to delete HBC, use that program. You just have to be VERY CAREFUL when you use that program. If you accidently delete an ios under 200, you just bricked the console. If you wanted to make your console a virgin again, there is a guide on how to do that. Just go to the tutorial section. Your last question I think you can play them online. It doesnt matter what method of loading the game. I dont use that method of playing though so I could be wrong, but I think im right.
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    So there is a way to bring back a 4.2u Wii to basic settings or Virgin as you guys call it.

    I am looking for that guide but I can't seem to find it.

    I found this guide.

    However I don't see anything about Wii version 4.2u on there.

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    That guide you mentioned is the correct guide. That guide was created before system menu 4.2 was out. If you want to make sure, you can either post the question in that thread or send dogeggs a visitor messege asking.
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    Alright so that guide "Should" work fine with version 4.2 then right? As long as I follow it step by step.


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