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Thread: Looking for some updated info...

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    Looking for some updated info...

    hello all.

    i have had my wii softmodded with firmware 3.2 for a year or so now and have never had to download any additional apps, channels, etc. until recently to play burnt games. i kept getting the "002 error" when trying to play tiger woods 2010 and wii resort. i have since got the "gamma 002 error fix" backup launcher and this has corrected the problem for tiger woods but not wii resort. now i understand wii resort has caused quite a few issues with a lot of people so it is not my main concern. i have since tried to get guitar hero 5 to work which is what i want to try and get working. i dont get any errors i just get a black screen. i just got wiiscrubber 1.4 today and imgburn (since thats what everyone seems to use) i was wondering if there is anything else i should be getting/doing to ensure this games work.

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    Hello, Wii Sports resort and Guitar Hero 5 are both games that have issues when you try to run them as backups.

    Both of these games have tutorials here on this site on how to get them up and running.

    Guitar Hero 5 Tutorial

    Wii Sports Resort Tutorial

    I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, be sure to ask.
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    awesome! i got wii resort working now no problem! thank you for the link.

    the only thing now is that the links to download the wad file and whatnot for guitar hero 5 are not working. is there anywhere else i can get these files?
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    Youll need ios56 to get GH5 to work. If you cant get the downloaded wads to work, if you still have the game iso on your computer, use wiiscrubber to open it up and extract the ios56 wad from the game. Use that wad with wad manager to install and youll be good to go.
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    sorry, still getting used to wiiscrubber. how do i extract a wad file?
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    Open wiiscrubber and click on load iso. Once GH5 is opened up, youll see partitions. That game has an update in it so youll want to open the partition that has the update in it. Click the little (+) to open it. Scroll down till you see the ios56.wad. Click it once so its highlighted and then right click your mouse. Click extract and save it to your desktop.
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    ok i got ios56-64-v5164.wad and installed using wad manager but still getting black screen when trying to load disc...any suggestions?

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    You using neogamma along with cios38 rev14?
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    i have neogamma backup launcher but i dont believe i have cios38 rev14. anywhere i can get that?

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    wait scratch the idea I gave you. Actually youll still need cios38 rev14 for games, search for it on this site and youll find it. Anyways, I had to use softchip to run it. Theres a guide on how to get your rockband instruments to work. That uses softchip which is ran off ios232. Youll install ios36 merged with ios37 installed as ios232, then youll install softchip as ios232. Thats how I get my rockband titles to work and thats also how I get some guitar hero games to work including GH5.
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