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Thread: Can i make my japanese wii english + someother questions

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    Can i make my japanese wii english + someother questions

    Hi there everyone

    I have a modified Japanese wii. NTSC and PAL games work and so do fake burned CD's. But its really hard to navigate especially in the maintenance mode. Is there anyway i can change the language from Japanese to English. Does it need to be remodified ?.

    Second question:-

    i have opera web browser installed on my wii. I recently updated (From an original Super Mario galaxy CD) but my little bro was running around and he tripped over the cable. My wii switched off and when i turned it back on it wouldn't update and the game wouldn't work (u might say its irrelevent until now). So i wanted to update online but i couldnt cuz when i go to the settings (after going down/left then clicking on the wrench) a blank white internet page error shows (the incomplete update screwed up my system i guess) without me getting to search for wireless networks or looking for access points. How can i get over this problem and how can i restore factory settings without passing through the settings ? and if i restore the original settings will my wii become demodified ?

    I urgently need answers from any experts cuz i feel like killing myself

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    Hi I have the same problem... well same as you i cant get back into connecting to a wifi router... did you figure it out? find a fix?

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    Japenese to English

    I have the same problem with a Japanese console. So far as I have been able to find out it is not possible. Something about not being truely acceptable as japanese if in other languages or whatever. However I did find a pdf transation for many of the menus.

    English Translation For Your Japanese Nintendo Wii

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    The answer to your second question is that you have a SEMI-BRICK. What that means is that your settings menu not working. An easy way is to update again using a newer game of your region. Maybe Mario Kart or Naruto. Not sure if they were newer than SMG. Is your mario Galaxy Jap version? coz if its not then you should never update from different region games. Heres a post where you can download a fix. Download it and burn it to a DVD, ensure you download the Jap version, not US Or Pal. This should fix your setings menu. Any question PM me.

    Quote Originally Posted by crlyworley View Post
    There is a fix out for all three regions...NTSC...PAL....JAP

    Semi-brick fix discs for all three regions (updated)

    Try this.....Mod chip you have should not matter...But you must use the correct region...
    Hacked Wii: Pal D2C2 fw 3.2E
    Chip: D2pro9 fw 2.1
    Sydney, Australia

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    freeloader from will let you play games from another region which also means the english games I buy are also english when I play them
    unfortunately everything else is still japanese

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    You can now change the the region of a Wii to a different region with the CIOS and Region changer app.

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    May I know how? software?


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