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Thread: USB loader problem :(

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    USB loader problem :(

    I hav 4.2u fw softmodded

    I Formatted my USB device to wfms and put one of my backups onto it. I loaded the backup usin neogamma and it worked with no issues. About 3 days later after about 30 minutes of gameplay when I entered a house tried to save or something happened I would get a whit or black screen. It kept happenin so today when it froze I took out the USB cable and tried plugging in. Back in. No luck. So now when I try load through neogamma it says mounting USB device and USB loader used to work but now it's jus givin me a blk screen. Any help?

    Jus wanna no bout the recognition problem

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    use another usb loading app and see what happens. Also you were in your house and went to another house to save?

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    oooo sorry bout the house thing. i meant enter a house or any other type of building. i tried the waninkoko one but it still didnt work. anything else i could do or should i just try another device?

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    what do you mean enter a house? do you mean in a game?

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    yeh srry....

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    try configurable usb loader or wiiflow see if they load. if not, then reformatt the drive and place tha games again

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    I had problems with that loader also, blk screen, no remote and then installed wiiflow and it just worked. Not sure if it's my version 3.2.


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