I am completely stumped! I read as many RH5 tuts and even followed Reedless' instructions on getting Disney Sing It to work on Verbatim DVD-R disk. I installed softchip, and patched ios37 to ios232, and enabled 002 error fix. I have a softmodded 4.1u Wii. I STILL GET THE 002 ERROR!

I suppose it's possible that I did not patch the ios 37 to 232 correctly (though I'm pretty sure I did). It got a little confusing when I went into multicios and had to use the direction pad to tweak the numbers in order to patch ios37 to ios232. I saw a bunch of different settings listed on the screen, so I just made sure the bottom-most one was the 37 to 232. I have a PAL version of the game that I haven't tried. Might that work instead?