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Thread: wasabi dx v2 not reading some discs

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    wasabi dx v2 not reading some discs

    Hi ive got a wasabi dx v2 installed, its reading some games but on games like sonic and the secret rings the story ends then when the game starts i get a error reading disc please refer to manual
    on family party the error comes at the start of the game,i have updates blocked on it,firmware v2.0 beta is on it,some discs worked on my brothers wii which is softmodded,my discs are ok and burning process as ive been burning these for 2 years now,discs look ok on the other side too.
    what can the error reading disc mean,do i need to upgrade the firmware via discs as i dont want to softmod it as well,thanks.

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    If you don't want to softmod, just understand that the newest version of the system menu (4.2) won't let you play out of region discs. If you only play games from your region (Europe, US, or Japan) then you won't have a problem with updating to the newest version. If you just run the updates from the discs instead of the internet, you won't even be updating to 4.2 unless you play New Super Mario. If the discs play fine in another Wii it's almost surely them needing the updates.


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