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Thread: DOP-IOS, preloader and StartPatch..

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    DOP-IOS, preloader and StartPatch..

    Hey guyz,
    I followed every step from " Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! " and successfully modded my Wii. I also managed to install startpatch. My question is, if i installed Start Patch, does that mean i successfully dopped IOS36? i am asking this b/c when i try to dop ios36 using DOP-IOS MOD v7, after i select ios36 and press A on all three options to enable hacks on it, all i get is a black screen with random characters. Also, when i try to install preloader, i get this error,"Got Root! Ticket could not be found aborting mission" what should I do????? Plzz help thanks in advance!!

    EDIT: I did the below steps could it be the reason that StartPatch works??
    "Load Trucha Bug Restorer. Press B to choose No IOS Reload. Wait a few seconds and then press 1 to continue. Choose Downgrade IOS15. When prompted, choose load IOS from SD and press A to continue, follow the prompts and exit when finished.

    Load Trucha Bug restorer again and this time press left on the Wii remote until you select IOS15 and Press A. Wait a few seconds and press 1. Choose IOS36 menu. Copy the settings so they are exactly as listed below:

    Install IOS to slot (36)
    Hash check (trucha) YES
    ES_Identity YES
    Nand Permissions YES

    Scroll back up and select install patched IOS36. When asked choose to load IOS from SD. Follow any further prompts and exit when finished.

    Load Trucha Bug Restorer yet again, now choose IOS36 and press A. Wait a few seconds and press 1. Choose to restore IOS15. Press A to restore. When Prompted always choose ‘Load IOS from SD’ follow any further prompts and exit when finished."

    Sorry for the trouble!!
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