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Thread: Modern Warfare: Relfex, Black Screen.

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    Modern Warfare: Relfex, Black Screen.

    Hey there I'm currently running a softmodded wii on 4.2 using:

    Homebrew 1.0.6
    IOS61 v21.29

    Loading with:
    Neogamma R6 & SoftchipR99

    I followed both 4.2 hack guides on here and the Guitar Hero 5 fix for playing it and Band Hero through SoftchipR99.

    With all other games working, I'm having problems getting Modern Warfare: Reflex to load past the green flicker and black screen on both loaders.

    I also cant get Medal of Honor Heroes 2 to work through disk loaders as it resync's the mote at the safety screen, cant seem to find a non usb guide for fixing this.

    I want to use disk loaders for games not any usb loaders for now.

    Was wondering if anyone else had these problems or knew how to fix them,
    any help would be appreciated, cheers!

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    sorry got it to work using alternative dol:disk on neogamma settings,

    Still havent got medal of honor heroes working though.

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    When you run neogamme r6, enable the anti 200 fix or wutever. i tried it and it works......plzz reply if it helped

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    ya im having the same exact problem with the same exact game!

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    Unhappy Medal of honor heroes 2 load problems

    I'm suprised no has replied or come up with a fix for this. This was the only postings I could find. It is possible that this glitch is something as simple as save file or something. Has anyone tried this??


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