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Thread: external hard drive games problem

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    external hard drive games problem

    hi fellas,

    i've been taking a little break from the wii scene because of work.

    can anyone tell me why my wii reboots to wii menu after i launch the usb loader gx. i have fw 3.1u and it is already flashed. last time i checked, my wii had the cios38 rev 14. is this the most current one?

    i am using the 250 wd external hard drive and wbfs 3.0 to xfer my games.

    also, are there any better loaders out there or is it just depends on the user preference.

    thanks all for the wisdom input.

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    Normally that happens if the SD card isnt in the Wii or if you dont have the USB loader folder under the apps folder on it.

    Personally USB Loader GX never worked properly for me, so I tried Configurable USB Loader and havnt looked back.,

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    GX Loader Problems

    Hi, I'm having the problem that my GX Loader USB does start up but then there is nothing but a white screen with the bottom buttons of gxloader and not the complete app.It has been working with extern hdd with only two games on it , but when i put more games on the disk theu don't show up.

    Anyone know a solution for this.

    Thanx in advance


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