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Thread: Drive version confusion

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    Drive version confusion

    Hi guys

    Tried to find an answer to this before bothering you all but couldn't.

    Have recently purchased a brand new wii for the kids for Christmas. Am looking at fitting a modchip but this is where I'm stuck.

    I've put my serial number into the Wii Drive Chip Database and it says there is a 50% chance its a D3-2. I took the unit apart and sure enough there is no drive chip and the large chip has no writing on it. However the drive serial number starts with 'E' which I have read is a normal D3/D2nothing drive.

    The thing that is confusing me the most is that the firmware is version 3.4. Surely if this unit was new enough to have a D3-2 drive fitted, it would have a newer version firmware than that.

    I really need to identify which drive I have so that I know what my options for modding are. I realise I could probably softmod it, but this is a last resort as it will be used by two young children, who are likely to brick a softmodded wii.

    Thanks in advance


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    Would it be possible to change the whole drive, and then fit a regular modchip? I have seen brand new drives for sale on ebay. If so which drive is the best to get? I have a choice from D2A, D2B, D2C and D2E (no epoxy). Is one drive better than the others at reading backups, or easier to mod etc?



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    Hi pork_sword
    You can either use The AmazeKey or you can
    swap to any drive [without epoxy] and have a Wiikey2 installed to it

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    Thanks for that. Not sure about the Amazekey though. Never heard of it until you mentioned it, and have seen on numerous websites that it doesn't work with D3-2 drives. Looking more probable that I'll get a new drive off fleabay.

    Anyone else got any preference as to which drive they would buy, if they had the choice?




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