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Thread: Just Bought a Softmoded Wii now problems

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    Just Bought a Softmoded Wii now problems

    When i start it shows a simple menu with these info.

    IOS v60
    System Menu v449
    Preloader v0.30

    1. when i select system menu - couldnt find hacks.ini neither on SD nor NAND then it boots into WII menu. I can play games here but i have an NTSC set and want to play pal backups.

    according to WII menu under wii system settings, i have a ver4.1u

    rebooted my WII and back to the simple menu to see what other stuff my wii can do.

    1. When i select homebrew channel - Error booting HBC. maybe title not installed??

    2. When i select BootMii IOS - Could not find the required bootmii start files. neither the elf or binary were found on the SD.

    3. When i select installed file - Error autobooting file. try reinstalling! could not open file!

    4. When i select load/install file - Couldnt find any executable files in the root of the SD

    5. When i select system menu hacks - couldnt find hacks.ini neither on SD nor NAND

    obviously i am getting these problems because when i bought the wii it did not come with the SD card which all the hacks were installed.


    So what do i do now? reinstall? or is it possible to just download the files an put it on a new SD. please advice.

    Thanks guys.

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    Yes it is possible. A lot of those hacks you mentioned require an SD card with relevant files in place.

    Preloader is the screen you are seeing when you boot your Wii.

    1. Does The Homebrew Channel appear in your Wii Main screen?

    2. The SD card will require the bootmii folder, this can be obtained by running hackmii installer again (can also apply to 1.)

    3. Unsure about this one

    4. No SD card, no file to launch. This function allows the user to load a chosen homebrew file without entering HBC or the Wii menu. It is not required for normal use.

    5. No SD card with hacks.ini to read. When you load your SD card you'll need to locate a hacks.ini for 4.1.

    You may need to reinstall, check the tutorial as this will provide you with all the files you need, a working HBC install, preloader and hacks.ini, neogamma (backup launcher), cIOS and everything else recommended.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Nope HBC does not appear in the wii menu. Anyway i will read up on the post you mentioned before asking anymore questions.

    Thanks alot.


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