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Thread: PAL backup on NTSC-U Wii

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    Question PAL backup on NTSC-U Wii


    So I'm having a bit of a problem.

    Got a backup of Wii Beatles Rock Band - works great, burned on an AOne DVD-R purchased online 18 months ago (lol). Was the only one I had left.

    So I figured I would go out and buy some new Verbatim (the kind recommended on here, packaged in Orange). I burned HOTD Overkill and Mario Kart Wii - both "disc not read".

    I'm not sure what region the B:RB was, but I know for sure that both the HOTD:Overkill and MKWii were both tagged as "PAL" - I have a NTSC-U Wii - could this be the reason why they're not working? If so, how to I rectify this?

    I have noticed that the majority of ISOs seem to be PAL.

    Also, I remember a setting somewhere when installing HBs that said ""make discs region-free = yes" which I figured should have allowed me to play ISOs whether PAL or NTSC (my TV can display both).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your TV can display both, then it doesnt matter which region game you get. Thats not the reason you get that error messege though. Are you sure the game was the correct file size?
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    What size should they be, exactly?

    I got them via newsgroups - they had errors when extracting but repaired ok with quickpar.

    I don't know any reliable place to get NZBs so I just used a free NZB search engine

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    I wouldnt know where to get them because I am able to play scrubbed games so the 2 sites where I get mine are all scrubbed copies. Anyways, youll know if you have a good copy if the byte size is 4,699,979,776.
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    If I am downloading a scrubbed copy does that mean I will only be able to play them through USB? Could this be the problem?


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