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Thread: Updating a modded Wii

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    Updating a modded Wii

    Sorry if this has been asked before. But I recently bought a Wii Sport Resort (NTSC). When I tried to run the game, It told me that I have to update my system. Is there any way I can update my system without bricking my Wii? Or is there any way I can play the game without updating?

    Info about my Wii:-
    Version: 3.3U (NTSC)
    I have Backup launcher 0.3g002fix (with the Homebrow channel).

    Any help would be appreciate it. Thanks!

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    updating from the same region game as your wii won't brick you - for more info on wii sports resort check here:

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    you dont need to update your system menu.

    You DO need to update your backup launcher. Get rid of gamma 0.3 and install neogamma r7 and cIOS38 rev14.

    Then install IOS55-64-v4633 (or newer).

    THEN go and read the WSR threads, it tells you exactly what you need to do to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    updating from the same region game as your wii won't brick you - for more info on wii sports resort check here:
    Thanks for link!

    So it's safe to update a soft-modded Wii from the disc?

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    Normally yes, it's just a bit of a minefield though as things can go wrong from time to time. For example if you downgraded from 4.0 to 3.3 and have not reinstalled IOS50 v4889 you will full brick. If you updated using a PAL disc then you'd semi-brick.

    Not really much point being at 3.3 or 3.4 though as you can't have preloader.

    Might be worth running through this tutorial and updating yourself to 4.1 with Preloader, latest HBC and bootmii/boot2 if possible. Also Neogamma would be useful for you.
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    I'm fairly new to the WII modding scene. I recently installed wasabi dx 2.0 f/w on my NTSC 3.4u console. I was able to play NTSC and PAL older games b/up and original games. However, when I play back-ups both NTSC and PAL newer games, it gives me a black screen. The icon appears on the disc channel but after that black screen. I don't have homebrew channel, what's the easiest way to be able to play the newer games without bricking the wii. Need your advise..... I'm afraid updating my Wii f/w for fear of won't be able to play my back-ups.


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