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Thread: Got GH5 working, but can't get Resort

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    Got GH5 working, but can't get Resort

    Thanks to everyone for all the awesome information here - it's helped me do things I had no clue how to do!

    Despite what i've learned so far, I'm still pretty confused about all the CIOS and version stuff. I've been successful in getting Homebrew working, and am launching my games now from a USB hard drive. It's great. However, it took so long to get GH5 working from my backup, with so many iterations of changes and loads/reloads, I don't even remember what configuration ended up working.

    Now I'm trying to get my copy of Resort to work from the hard drive, but I'm afraid that I'll undo or reset something that will then cause GH5 or some other games to stop working. I have not yet updated my Wii - still at 3.4.

    1. do i have to update to at least 4.2 to get resort and band hero working? I'm afraid to do the update, since a)i don't know how to do it manually, and i don't want to let it go automatically since I think i read that i shouldn't go past 4.2.

    2. Will any updates or reinstalls of CIOS stuff upset my GH5?


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    yo udo not need to update. No game requires a particular system menu to play.

    There is a big thread about WSR, as its a tricky one to get working (but it wont affect any of your other games).

    Go and read that thread and you should be fine.


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