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Thread: Can I install VC wads on 3.1e system whit Wadmanager?

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    Question Can I install VC wads on 3.1e system whit Wadmanager?


    I have one question, can I install VC wads on my system menu 3.1e Wii?

    Or do I have to have 3.2e?

    I have softmodded my Wii whit this wonderful guide:

    Only thing, I skipped installing preloader, updating to 4.1 and ios 60 patch because I could install Bootmii as boot2. (plus I have wiikey 1.9s)

    So I still have 3.1e and it workes great whit my backups. Now Iam thinking of puting some of my fev childwood games on the Wii.

    I googled a little and found that I can update to 3.2e by doing this:

    "First you need Wii Update Manager (
    Then open it and select your region, click on refresh update list or something similar.
    Open the update list and click on the 3.2B and then download.
    Then you need an iso from any game.
    Open it with WUM and then select 3.2 Update on list and click replace.
    After this just burn the iso with 3.2 update."

    So can I install VC wads on 3.1e or sude I update to 3.2e for it to work?

    thx in advance;-)

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    You should be able to run the wiiware as long as the ios need are on your system. Even better would be to look into nand emulation with triiforce. That way you don't install to your system.
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    Thx for the response m8 much appreciated.

    Well I think I sude have the right ios needed, if I followed "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" guide?

    And will look in to that "nand emulation with triiforce" sounds very intresting.

    Thank u very much m8;-)


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