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Thread: Can't backup nand?

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    Can't backup nand?

    I have an older LU51 wii and I'm trying to make a backup of the nand, don't have the same menus as the step 2 video. I don't get the "back, about, reload, launch bootmii, exit" menu. The only menu I have is the CIOS, firmware update, preloader, and truchabug restorer. I went through it 3 times and I don't have the same menu's. Is it because my version is LU51?

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    umm im not sure but take your sd and put it in you computer and see if there is a folder called bootmii if not then try too install bootmii again and if you can do it as boot2 then use that but if not then install it as a IOS hope i helped if not then so sorry

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    actually I had to reboot the wii. Not sure why the tutorial didn't mention that, but i'm finding that a lot of steps are missing or just assumed. Once I complete step 1 it went to that menu automatically so I was looking for the backup option on the wrong menu, plus the video skips that whole process making it even more confusing.

    Now i'm on step 4 and not sure what to do as my version is 3.2 and it only mentions options for 3.3, 3.4 and 4.1


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