Oye, so I was attempting to install a D2CKey on my wii last weekend and I was having some trouble. I created a bridge on 2 of the pins on the d2c chip and I was having a hell of a time removing it. Any way, I eventually got rid of the bridge only to notice that I pulled off a pad in the process! I want to repair it, but the pad I lifted isn't for one of the pins used in the install so there is no info on other points. As it stands it's quite difficult to probe for an alternative. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to probe their board for me or give any suggestions.

Here's an image with an arrow pointing at the pin/pad I'm interested in.

I put it back together to see what kind of error I'd get without that pin in use and the wii just complains that it is unable to read the disk.

I wanted to use the alternate solder points, but unfortunately for me the through holes they show are all covered with some plastic and I don't know a good way to remove it.

Any way, thanks for any help anyone could give on this.

also, if the image isn't showing up it can be found here