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Thread: Screen with random Characters after dopping IOS36

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    Screen with random Characters after dopping IOS36

    Hey guyz,
    I got my Wii 2 days ago..!
    It was 4.2u and i softmodded it with the help of the awesome guide messie had written. But i am confused regarding the dop ios36 part and installing preloader. As soon as followthe steps and install dop ios36, I GET A BLACK AND WHITE SCREEN WITH RANDOM CHARACTERS. Is that suppose to happen???? plzz help!! I then used the RESET button and it goes back to the Homebrew Page. I would appreciate if i got help on installing preloader too!!

    D6) You can also now run DOP-IOS MOD v7 to DOP ioses you want dopped (Not really necessary, dop ios70 if wiiware does not run, ios36 if you want startpatch hacks installed):
    From HBC run DOP-IOS MOD. At the ios select screen, default should be 60, change it to 249
    Next screen, select IOSs option.
    Then select the ios you want to DOP.
    Warning do not do this if you have preloader isntalled*
    After that, you can also DOP ios36
    select ios36 and press A on all three options to enable hacks on it. *Doing this may flip HBC upside down. I think this was corrected on HBC v 1.0.6, if not run DOP ios again and install it without the hacking options by pressing B*
    Mind that you will need an internet connection for this!! If you do not have an internet connection, see appendix.
    Thanks in advance!! Plzz help!!
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