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Thread: Nintendo Wii games wont play in game channel correctly ! Help

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    Nintendo Wii games wont play in game channel correctly ! Help

    I am on Wii SM 4.1 with cioscorp 3.4, cios 38 rev14, HBC v1.0.6. Neogamma R7.

    The issue I am having is when I try to play official Wii games from the Wii Game Channel. The official Wii games play in black and white and the screen flickers nonstop. I can play burnt DVD-R games on the NeoGamma R7 with no problem.

    Can someone please help me to fix this problems.
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    Would the games happen to be out of your region or is your TV not supporting the video?

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    I had the same problem. Even though they are official wii discs, just load them through neogamma. Sucks, but I read intalling the channel patch can be somewhat hazardous.

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    The official Wii games I used are for the correct region and I have played the Wii on this TV with no problem before. The issue is Official Wii games wont play correctly when I play them in the game channel. I need to figure out what I need to do to get official Wii games to play correctly. And loading official Wii games in the Neogamma loader is not an option I want to use. I know there is a fix for this.

    Please Help!

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    I have the same issue.. Still searching,reading looking for some help for a fix to play the original games the way I used to play (unmodded) using the original game channel.
    Look below...

    (Posted Here h**p://
    I have a prob with my modded wii...
    Homebrew channel and everything else works. (Through my SD card) I Can play iso games from dvd... but I can only play Original Store bought games through Homebrew channel-Wii Game Load channel (from SD card). It was @ 3.4u now 4.1u. If I try to play games like I used to before the mod(which I got @ another place) they will load up from the original play channel when you press start but will either Black Screen (and have to restart) or they play in Black and White, is this normal behaviour for a modded wii. If not, could anyone help me out?
    I have searched and read but did not find an answer or fix for what I was looking for...
    Just to add.. When installing HB, the HB screen got turned upside down..Fixed that followed the rest of the steps but preloader would error, so I used startpatch 4.1.

    < Originally Posted by gen3sf >
    black and white screens indicate you are playing an out-of-region game. Set the loader to FORCE NTSC
    < Black screen, you are missing an IOS needed by the game and was not installed. When you did the softmod, did you install IOSes 38, 53, and 55? Those are used by most games. If you did install those IOSes then your games may be one of the hadful that have some quirk needed more tweaking. Those games all have a lot of posts, threads and even a sticky or two such as with GH5. >

    Thanks for the reply gen3sf. The game in b+w is Ac/Dc,but through (sd card channel) it plays fine in colour except for the guitar, drums ect.. I'll get to that later. The OutDoor Challenge will load from start then goes black ,after start, from first game channel, but works fine with all controls using (SD game launch channel),so I'm confused. I remember loading IOSes that you mentioned...
    This is all new to me so how do I set the loader to force ntsc, and will that fix the way I used to play original games before mod?
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    Thanks for the really good info. I hope we can find the fix to this. So please continue to post your answers!

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    I did some investigating and tried to install Custom IOS37 with IOS36 rev7 dip as IOS249 from here h**p:// to get my instruments working in NeoGamma. Did not work..Error @ end then returned me to HB.
    Frustrated… Searched and read some more to find that SoftChip might work, so I gave it a shot(what the heck). Found it with the HB browser, loaded it up, set it up and NOW my instruments are working and games play in color ONLY using SoftChip.
    I made some progress but did not find nor fix my original prob. Still looking for a solution.
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    If you find this info usefull Please let me know by pressing Thanks.

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    I am confident I will find a fix for this issue. As soon as I do I will let you know.
    Someone has to known how to fix this.

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    Thanks for this thread, I kept wondering what I did to cause the black screen on a straight disc from the channel. I did manage to launch from neogamma <dvd> ..but, it just seems tainted to not be able to load from the normal spot

    I'll be looking out for a fix too guys!

    ....noticed tonite that it not only black loses complete video feed, but i can still here the sound ... (my TV loses the INPUT feed during the load from origianal game channel)
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