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Thread: Can't play GC backups. Wii backups work fine.

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    Can't play GC backups. Wii backups work fine.

    My firmware is 4.1U with cIOS38Rev14 installed. I also installed cIOSCorp do be able to play backups directly from my disc channel. My first backup was a Wii Game (Super Mario Galaxy), which worked fine except for some stuttering and audio issues with the opening movie scene (but I see that's pretty common for that game). Then I made backups of a couple Gamecube games (Metroid Prime and Pikmin 2). Neither of them worked, but I saw two different behaviors.

    Metroid Prime was recognized as a Gamecube game in the Disc Channel, but when I try to start it, the Wii Reboots. Pikmin 2 doesn't even get recognized as a gamecube game. My initial thought is that cIOSCorp is working fine because it was able to recognize Metroid as a GC disc. There might be something wrong with the Pikmin ISO since that's not even getting recognized.

    I also tried running them through WiiGator's backup loader. The Wii just rebooted on both of them.

    I'm burning the ISOs to TDK DVD-R discs using ImgBurn at 4x speed.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've read that re-installing cMIOS rev3 might fix this issue. But since the game is being recognized as a GC disc (at least one of them), is that ruled out as a potential problem?

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    try using menupatcher.This application patches the system menu in memory and let it run under custom that lets you run backups on the disc channel.IT WORKS FOR WII AND GC GAMES.PLZ THANK ME IF I HELPED

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    Actually, installing cMIOS again appears to have worked for the Metroid Prime disk. The other one still won't recognize. I'm thinking that's a burn problem.

    Can someone recommend burn settings? Is 4x good or should I go slower? Any other options I should use to increase my chance for success when burning?

    And what about discs? Are TDK DVD-R's good for GC Backups?

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    you also might wanna try installing DVDx if you havn't already, i found that some GC games wouldn't even show up without installing DVDx along with cMIOS. And i usually burn my GC backups at 4x speed on ritek discs. Also be aware that some GC games just flat out arn't compatible :P


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