There's 2 Games I Really Love (Earthbound Zero NES and Earthbound SNES).
I wanted to play these games right from my Wii Menu, didn't want to use a emulator WAD or anything like that, just a simple clean Wii Menu Channel.

I followed this tutorial on Youtube.

and It works very well, the only issue is I tried it 3 times and each time I tried a different picture and each time the same result. The Channel on the Wii menu show's the Image and then fades to the System name, but both the Image and the system name on the Channel are kinda wavy and hard to make out. When I select the channel It opens and The Picture looks perfect.

Is there a App or Anything I can do to edit the Wad's Channel Picture?

Is it possible the tools are for a PAL TV? and thats whats causing the problems on my NTSC? or does that not matter?