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Thread: Wii Game Channels

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    Us Wii Game Channels

    I want to reqest (or find if theres) a wad channel for thes games:
    Mario Kart Wii
    Mario Party 8
    If you would be kind could you tell me were to find them or make me one?
    (oh yeah I have NTSC)

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    go to wadder

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    Quit posting about this. You already got your answer here.

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    These forums are generally very helpful, with many informed people only too willing to point you the right way, but you still gotta read

    in Ithians post (above this one) click the linkword 'here'

    in that post, go to Ithians first post, and click the linkword 'this thread'

    Then, you can benefit from sociallyantisocials handywork and d/load all the files you originally requested

    Dont forget to thank him for making your life easier if u use his wads


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