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Thread: 4.1e firmware and games still want to update

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    4.1e firmware and games still want to update

    Just want to start by saying what a great site this is, and a big thank you to everyone who contributes because I'd be nowhere without it.

    Now I've updated my wii using Waninkoko's 4.1 updater, but some games (specifically Guitar Hero 5 & Greatest Hits) still want to update the system before they launch.

    I've had a search around and couldn't find anything so I apologise if it's been covered elsewhere, but is there something obvious I'm missing? Is there a way for me to play these games without using the official updates from the disc?

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    Install Preloader and enable 'skip disc update checking'

    Also note that Guitar Hero 5 requires IOS56, so after installing Preloader, use DOP-IOS and install IOS56 or get the wad and install via wad Manager. Then the game wouldn't ask for an update and will run fine.

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    Thanks man, you're a superstar. GH5 worked a treat.


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