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Thread: help please wifi solution needed?

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    Smile help please wifi solution needed?

    hi there guys
    I bricked my wii doing an update of some sort black screen of death. I bought a savemii dongle didnt work and all the leads I have point to a wifi problem. I received a new wifi adapter chip on friday and have disassembled the wii upto installing a mod chip.
    where abouts now do i find the wifi adapter to replace and how to do it. A tutorial would be nice?
    thanks again guys

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    So you are not able to power on the Wii using the Wiimote?

    It's a bluetooth module, not wifi and this could be why you are not able to find anything.

    If you have a savemii, and it is functional then it would not require the bluetooth module installed to operate. There's a video on youtube showing a Wii booting to recovery menu using a savemii with the bluetooth module removed.

    Perhaps you have bricked it in some other way, perhaps during the update you applied?

    Regarding the Bluetooth module itself it's a small card slot just above the SD slot on the Wii mainboard. It looks very straightforward to remove and clip on.
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