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Thread: Soft modding my wii help?

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    Soft modding my wii help?

    I am soft modding my wii, and when I go to downgrade
    I get the following message, "title failed. maybe you already installed it" or something to that effect. I am on 4.0. I have homebrew on my wii now and I go to the DVDx_fw3.4 and go to the first option which is "downgrade IOS35"...Which gives me the message that "title failed, and maybe I already installed it."

    I've watched a hundred youtube videos. I've googled till I'm googled out. This is the ONLY step i am having issues with. What do i do here? Please make it detailed because I've never done this before.

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    do NOT downgrade i'm pretty sure it will brick a 4.0 follow this


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