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Thread: What's the truth????

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    What's the truth????

    Just had my wii soft modded using a 1tb hard drive to run everything. Evrything is working great except I am not able to add wads(error2011)using wadupdater 2.1... all the forums that I come across tell me I have to downgrade my system(currently at 3.4U) BUT the HBC website say not to, that it is stupid and can damage your wii. The one thing I have noticed in all diff forums is the conflicting info on whether to upgrade or not. So whats the truth??? do I downgrade, upgrade, stay the same? what can I do to get WADS to work??
    BTW i did check all the newbie guides and couldnt come across a direct answer. if i missed it sorry.

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    First off their website doesnt say that. I think it says that downgrading/upgrading your console can brick your console. That is true if you dont follow the guides to a T. You do though want to upgrade your firmware. 3.4 is not a very hack friendly version. First off its not very compitable with homebrew. Preloader as far as I know wont work with it. I dont see very many hackers using that version. I see people using 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2.
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    dont update to 4.2!

    you can update to 4.1 though, there is a link in my sig to the 4.1 updating guide, as with 3.4 you cannot use preloader etc. should help you with your error.

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    But do not use the Nintendo updates..
    You should instead update through the Homebrew Scenes tools. I'm sure you will find what you need on or on this site here.. I had the same problem when I was on 3.4E back in the old days.. I was stubbern, and didn't want to upgrade. So eventually I had to, and everything worked out great. I now play wads from my 14gb sd and ISO from my 500GB usb hd. Also I run GC games.. xD
    Good luck updating, man!
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    Here is a direct quote from The Homebrew Channel FAQS page:

    What about downgrading?
    That would be the most stupid idea ever to harm your Wii. Don't.

    If I upgrade my wii thru other source other than NINTENDO will that fix my WAD problem?

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    I've used the guide davepm posted for you on six different wii's and all of them work like a champ. Just follow it to a T. No need to downgrade.

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    Which one of the guides should I use? I am currently on 3.4U and have a abckup NAND file made.

    ALso HBC will not recognize a Kingston 8gb micosd card(in reader of course) will this fix that so I can use higher capacity storage?

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    Dogeggs has a great tutorial on updating to 4.1

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    OK MAJOR PROBLEM....I go and try to play my wii this morning load the usb and get a blank black screen. My 16 year old daughter informs me that it happenned after she UPDATED THE WII AT 3am when it propted her too. DAMMIT!! Ive only had it 2 days!! OK, she didnt know but that is neither here nor there....I am now at 4.2 firmware. AM I SCREWED?
    All other apps work(snes, gen.) but the usb loader doesnt. I do have a backup nand I use that? I do not want to touch anything until i get some EXPERT advice.

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    There is a guide under tutorials for hacking a 4.2, and if nothing else you have a nad backup. Were you able to install bootmii as boot2?

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