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Thread: Best Wii workout game

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    Best Wii workout game

    I have Wii fit and fit plus I also use daisy Fuentes Pilates and Jillian Michaels Ultimate but here is my reviews on them. Daisy Fuentes and Jillian Michaels make for a choppy workout get up and keep reselecting your next workout activity it seems you are navigating more than working out. I love Wii fit and my new favorite game on Fit Plus is the Kung Fu but unfortunately its more fun because it has a nice beat, but not much of a workout. I want to get finished and feel tired and sorry but thats what you are supposed to feel like after a workout. Any one have suggestions on other games that can be used with the Balance Board that are fun and a good workout?

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    EA Active is the best out there IMHO, you can set a goal or do the 30 day challenge at whatever rate etc. Very moddable to your needs, uses balance board and is worth getting with the strap and bungee.

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    Cool I am going to look for it then. I wish I could send Nintendo a I mean my favorite part of my Gym are Cardio Kickboxing and a dance/ workout called Zoomba and these classes are packed like 50 people per and overflowing out the doorway...

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    I was just saying last week that I cannot believe there isn't a kickboxing game for wii, it would work awesome with the wii's controls.

    I tried Gold's Gym but it kicked my ass LOL.


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