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Thread: Wii help D2b w/cut legs

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    Thumbs up Wii help D2b w/cut legs

    Alright well I've got two wii's I'm currently working on,both d2b with cut legs.

    1st wii
    d2b with cut legs but as point 3 solder pad. I've soldered a wire going from point 3 on the wiikey to the point 5 on the ic. Why won't it work?

    2nd wii
    D2b with cut legs and missing point 3 solder pad
    I've installed wires going to the cut legs and then 1 going to the 5th wire still nothing.


    1st wii

    2nd wii

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    Update wii 2 got it

    I had the wires run wrong on the chip to From left to right on the cut leg it suppose to go

    There's a pic on this post if it doesn't work


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