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Thread: Hello Please Help Me

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    Us Hello Please Help Me

    Hi everyone,

    Well im new to modding the Wii and I just softmodded it. It was originally a 3.1U so I used a guide here and I think it is modded. But I want to download games and burn them but I dont know how or what disc's to use. Any help will make my day please and thank you.

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    hey man. this will be the easiest way for ya
    1 - download it!!---
    also you need WINrar--- at the bottom select english and wether your pc is 32 bit or 64 bit and download the program.
    2 - Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! - go here, type in the game you want for your wii.(they wont always have it but there are SO many other sites to use) make a folder in your downloads section on your pc. this helps me. i make 1 folder wii games, another folder utorrent save as, and i make another folder called extracted games.
    3 - depending on your region which im guessing is united states you MAY ONLY DOWNLOAD GAMES THAT SAY NTSC or USA!!!! when you click the game you want, it will most likely have a weird name like this for example need.for.speed.NITRO.ntsc.usa.2009, change the name to the actual game name only for easier keep up.
    4 - after saving from internet, it will ask where you want to open the file, click utorrent and it will open in that downloader. It will ask where you want to save your game again, from utorrent this time, so choose browse, use the folder you made (utorrent save as) and save it there.
    5- let the game diwnload. it will usually be about 4.3 GB so it should take close to 12 hours give or take your ISP's download speed.
    6-when the game says complete, right click on it and click on (open containing folder) will show a bunch of files. (usually the first 3 folders will look like computers, so dont use those. Use the files that you see the most of). right click on one of the files, click open with (select the WINrar program) click extract once in Winrar, it will ask where you want to save your extracted file (use the next folder i told you of extracted games.)
    7-no download a program called imgburn---
    open imgburn, and select "write image file to disc" insert a VERBATIM DVD-R disc (20 bucks for like 50 of something like that but really good discs).....under source, click the first folder(search game) scroll to folder (extracted games) and select the game you want to burn..... change the burn speed to 4x or lower (depending on how long you wanna wait for your game) and select burn at the bottom and viola!!!!! any questions ask

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