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Thread: USB Loader and Game Saves question

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    Red face USB Loader and Game Saves question

    All - Thanks for a great site...

    I used the guides here after accidentally listening to a friend and upgrading my Sytem Menu from 3.2 to 4.2U and let me thank the writers here for terrific a how-to that got me fixed up...

    I have my HBC and USB Loader channel working like a charm ~ so yes, I'll say 4.2U can be hacked. I got a good copy of my NAND with only 3 bad blocks in my Wii that were system tagged bad.

    This is my first post (I did make it this far without repeating other peoples questions).

    Here's my scenario.

    I've been playing Tiger Woods 2010 for a while and have a good deal of my season completed. I backed up my disc to my USB drive and started from my USB drive - all working so far.

    Where do I put my "game save" data so that I don't have to start over? Can I use the USB drive to also hold my game save? I'd like to eliminate the SD card part of this and just have the USB drive hooked up.

    If this has been answered elsewhere, I do apologize, I've been scouring the pages and can't find this answer, maybe because game & save are such popular search terms.

    Thanks a ton!


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    Your game save should still be on your wii unless you removed it, if you removed it then put it back.

    A game save is exactly the same wether you use an original, a backup or USB loading.

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    Always Running Out of Blocks

    What if you want your game data to be saved to your external hard drive? Can that be done? I deleted a bunch of games to make sure my external set up didn't run into trouble, but I'm worried about running out of blocks again.

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