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Thread: Used Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi

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    Used Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi

    I need to fix my 4.1 banner bricked Wii, so apparently I need a autobooting mod chip.

    I know there's a site that has them, but for $80. I'm just not OK with paying that much for something I want to only use once (not to mention no guarrantee it will work).

    Basically, I'm just wondering if there's anyone offering one for less?

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    $80 bucks is 2 wii games , + the vast amounts you can "aquire" new wii $199 ....

    you can check HERE to see about getting the autobooting drivekey

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    I'm aware of everything you just said. I'm just looking for cheaper solutions.

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    thats why i linked you too modchip-depot, keep your $ in wiihacks family

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    But that is the site where it is $80. $68 for the chip + $12 for the shipping.

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    i got a few wiikey2 v2(yellow sticker) and a few wasabi dx.
    sale at about $20 skpye is torben.mmp

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    I have a drivekey v2 that is brand new that I can set on autoboot for you. It comes with all cables and includes philips and triwing. $35 shipped.


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