I've been using neogamma 4 on a 4.0u wii for awhile now, launching games from 3 sdhc cards 2 8 and 16 gb (sandisk) with no issues. I recently downloaded wii fit plus, which of course had a problem so it was time to download and install the latest cios and neogamma. I found a 2 pack on the boards and away i went. I installed IOS38-64-v3610.wad no problems, but was having problems installing neogamma 7. Tried to fire up one of my regular games and kept burning through my 30 tries of reading my sdhc cards. I've tried them all, reformatted and reloaded them all, same thing. On some (rare) occasions neogamma will see the sdhc, just long enough for me to select a game and launch it, then i will get the lost sdhc error.

I've since gone though the EXCELLENT guide made by dogeggs here:
I now have the latest and greatest of everything, neogamma 7 included, but still can't read my sdhc cards when formatted to wbfs. I CAN read them when formatted to fat, but obviously can't use that for games. I am wondering if any one else out there has had this issue?