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Thread: Pal black screen after loading

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    Pal black screen after loading

    I need your help any body. I have Wii USA with softmod. I play all NTSC games but I cant play burn Pal games. Only black screen after loading the game. Is any way to play Pal on my NTSC Wii. Any help would appreciated and thanks.

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    Black screen usually means you are missing an ios needed by the game. But be sure to fiddle with your loader setting, particularly you should try to force NTSC.
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    thanks. I will try to fix it again.

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    If your using a neogamma loader, go to region and change the one setting from disc (default setting) to wii. Make sure to save your settings by going into configurations and changing save config to yes. Youll have to have an sd card inorder for everything to be saved. If you dont change the region setting I mentioned above, the game will load but will be in black/white and be scrolling. Since your getting the black screen, that does mean your missing an important ios that game requires. If its a rather new game, it will probably be ios38, 53, 55, or 56. Your best bet would be to just install all of those. You can search for the first 3 by typing "ios 38, 53, and 55" in the search bar. Those 3 can be downloaded together in 1 thread. The ios56 is used in GH3 and possibly band hero. Search that one the same way as I said above, but that might be alittle harder to find. Once those are installed, the game will probably load. If you arent sure what ios the game uses, there is a thread on here that lists many games along with what ios they use and if they have a disc update and what firmware they update you to. To search for that simply type "what ios games use" and you should find it. That thread was started by our good moderator tealc.
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