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Thread: So SHOULD I back up my NAND?

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    So SHOULD I back up my NAND?

    I'm on system 4.2u (late start, sorry) and I've installed HBC, DVDx, BootMii etc. The tutorial was a tad ambiguous about whether or not I should back up my NAND. My BootMii was installed as an IOS, so it said I shouldn't, but I think it would be a good idea anyway. I figure someone who knows more than I do would be able to give some advice.

    (Oh yeah, I also exterminated the ios249 stub and replaced it with CIOS38rev14. I was impatient to play EarthBound. I haven't done anything to the other IOS's except take a look at them with Signcheck.)


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    Having a backup for your NAND is ALWAYS a good idea, but i don't know any other way of re-instating that backup without being able to install bootmii as boot2. So you never know someone could make a boot disk to pre-boot the Wii into a recovery mode and bam you can use your NAND! [mind you this is not possible yet to my knowledge, i'm just stating for future, lol]

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    The reason for the ambiguity with regard to making a NAND backup is that it has limited value when bootmii can only be installed as IOS. One can only access bootmii through HBC. However, bootmii is an application in beta phase development so one can hope that a future version might be able to make use of it.

    Another use especially helpful for 4.2Wiis that are having problems getting WiiWare to play from the SD is to use with Triiforce NAND Emulation.


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