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    help please

    hey everyone. sorry for starting a new thread but i have a couple questions. their are a few games that i need but can't find anywhere... if i CAN find them, i put them on to uTorrent and they don't download. (the blue arrow will immediately turn red and upload) any ideas why?? also if anyone knows where to get WORKING versions of these games : hasbro family game night 2, disney sing it pop hits, need for speed NITRO, game party 3, and mario and sonic at the olympic winter games, i would very much appreciate it!! thanks for helping.

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    Well i dont know what this has to do with creating-burning-dumping tools....

    i bet bitgamer has all those ( iknow need 4 speed i up'd it )

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    If the arrow turns red that mean that the tracker is down. When you are downloading your torrents, be sure to get ones with a lot of seeds and peers- and be sure to seed when your done. I find my torrents on the pirate bay without issue, also usenet has most everything- 14 days for a buck form usenext or binverse.
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    yeah sorry for posting on the wrong thing. but it was the closest thing i could come to torrents in the forums lol. anyway i would love to try bitgamer but it's a private site. can i get an invite. (i've never used a private tracker before and would LOVE to try one) also, i don't understand how the tracker can be down when i use torrents that have like 400 seeders and 6 or 700 leachers. i only use very active torrents if i can find them which is why i don't understand why they can be down thanks -scott-
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    i can get you in....

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    how do you wanna get me in tristian? i need a username and password. that's all it says on the front page. would you like my e mail to send me one??

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    just an email non msn

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    thanks tristian
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    sent... now edit your last post and take your email out

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    thanks again. no more mininova lol


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