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Thread: Best Product or hack

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    Best Product or hack

    Hello all im brand new to this henceforth me posting in the noob section. Ive been attempting to look up which product would be best to mod my wii. First off my wii is now two years old so i dont believe i have to worry about any new chipsets. My main question regarding what to do is what works best a soldered unit or non and or should i just softmod d/t me only wanting it for the ability of playing burned games. If i soft mod and mess up is there a recovery or am i sol same with the chips. Well sorry bout the long post hope someone can help me out thanks again.

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    take a read through the softmod guides linked in my sig, if you follow them carefully you will be fine, there are a couple of things installed with the guides that will help you recover if you do ever run into problems.

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