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Thread: Major help needed! (Yea, I'm a noob to this)

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    Arrow Major help needed! (Yea, I'm a noob to this)

    Okay, So I had this Seagate Internal 80 GB HDD. (See it Here Seagate U6 HDD review)

    So I baught this Driver Enclosure for it (See it here Hard Drive Enclosure)

    I formatted it to WBFS, Put it in my wii, and USB Loader GX does not load with it. It can load with my Sony USB Flash Drive, but not my HDD.

    Anyone know a Fix for this or anything at all that can possibly help me? I try switching between Storage devices when I get to the channel, But then it just freezes till I put the Flash drive back in.

    Please help ):

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    WBFS partition set as primary and active?

    Enclosure compatible? USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

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    Yes, I've had it formatted to WBFS and checked if it was Primary and Active. It was.

    And I can't seem to find it on the enclosure list.


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