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Thread: Black screen on MySims Agents USB Loader

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    Black screen on MySims Agents USB Loader

    Hello please help!!

    I get a black screen when I try to load MySims Agents through coverfloader of USB loader GX.

    Please tell what I need to do or what IOS's I need to download.
    I have searched google for ages.

    Thank you

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    Thanks, but I think I've already installed the needed IOS. Should I try again and then reinstall CIOS38rev14??

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    Could be a bad iso? Try burning the image and see what result you get.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Ye on the comments many ppl say it doesn't work for them (its espalwii tho they are pretty good). I'll try with a disc.

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    i dunno i've had a few espalwii releases not work for me


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