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Thread: Need help installing Iso dupmer or DVD dumper

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    Unhappy Need help installing Iso dupmer or DVD dumper

    hi guy.

    can someone please help me?
    i just install homwbrew channel and try to installed iso dumper from this link
    FileTrip - Wii iso dumper 1.0
    but it's doesnt work.

    it's said that i have to run IOS37-64-v2070.wad but it said error (ret = -2011)

    i have firmware 4.2E on my wii. i dont know if this a problem.

    please help.

    i try using method from kato but it doesnt work.

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    Look up and install wanikoko's usbloader ver 1.5

    This is all I use to rip iso's to a thumb drive. Download that and use wbps manager to format your thumb drive and get the iso's back onto your computer after you're done ripping. Hope this helps

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    You will need to fully softmod your wii first. Follow the 4.2 guide below and you will have everything you need.
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    Thumbs up thank u guys

    i will give it a go now, let you know soon

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    Thumbs up it's work!!!! thank you guys

    thank you guys.

    it's all went well.

    thank you heap

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    i've got the same problem, shorty did you use wanikoko's usbloader ver 1.5

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    yes mate. i got it all working now using the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus to hack my wii. and i use the usb loader to backup my game.

    good luck mate.


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